Who We Are


a statetewide Network providing leadership, coordination, and advocacy to advance farm to school efforts in Rhode Island cafeterias, classrooms, and communities.


educators, farmer, fishermen and fisherwomen, local producers, school food service, gardeners, students, parents, and local food advocates.


individuals and organizations that commit to promote and implement farm to school activities and supportive policies at the state and school level.


here to share expertise, resources, best practices, and valuable connections to support the diverse work of Network members in their own communities and the collective impact across the state.

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We envision a robust and engaged farm to school community where equity, diversity, and inclusion are prioritized by honoring the lived experiences of the racial, ethnic and cultural communities we serve. 


We are committed to community-driven dialogue, participation, and decision-making to inform and influence the structure and work of the Network. 

The RI Farm to School Network is funded in part by the USDA Food & Nutrition Service &

the Henry P. Kendall Foundation, supporting the following collaborative partners:

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